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X-Ray Thin Metal Foils

We are offering a series of ultra-thin 3d metal foils as standards for EXAFS and XANES measurement. Each foil is about 5 microns thick (to give about 1.5 absorption lengths above the K-edge) and is mounted in electroplated aluminium frames, 2.6 cm by 4.6 cm in size. The foil area in frame is 0.8 cm by 2.6 cm. Reference spectra are furnished with each foil or set free of charge.


Basic 3d Foil Set


Ti (titanium)
V (vanadium)
Cr (chromium)
Mn (manganese)
Fe (iron)
Co (cobalt)
Ni (nickel)
Cu (copper)
Zn (zinc)
Se (selenium)

The set comes in a handsome, portable, hinged box with slots.

Basic 4d/5d Foil Set


Zr (zirconium)
Nb (niobium)
Mo (molydenum)
Pd (palladium)
Ag (silver)
Sn (tin)
Sb (antimony)
Ta (tantalum)
Pt (platinum)
Au (gold)
Pb (lead)

The above 4d and 5d foils are also available.



Special Foils

Multi-edge 3d metal foil:
Cr-Fe-Ni fcc alloy, 5µm thick
Ru: -325 mesh
* Allow 60 days for delivery *