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X-Ray Fluorescent Filters

We have developed a process for fabricating large-area filters of uniform thickness. Each filter is mounted in an aluminum frame, 10 cm x 10 cm sized to fit the Lytle Detector manufactured by The EXAFS Company, Eagle Valley, HC 74 Box 236, Pioche, NV 89043. (www.EXAFSCO.com)


Basic Filter Set


Ti (titanium)
V (vanadium)
Cr (chromium)
Mn (manganese)
Fe (iron)
Co (cobalt)
Ni (nickel)
Cu (copper)
Zn (zinc)
Ga (gallium)
Ge (germanium)
Se (selenium)
Zr (zirconium)
Nb (niobium)
Mo (molydenum)

Special Filters


Sr (strontium)
Y (yttrium)
Ru (ruthenium)
Pd (palladium)
Ag (silver)
Cd (cadium)
In (indium)

Sn (tin)



An order for the Basic Filter Set will deliver each of the 15 elements listed above in two thicknesses (3 and 6 absorption lengths) all packaged in a portable furniture quality wooden box for storage. * Allow 60 days for delivery *